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Sharing Your Platform With the World

September 22, 2017

Wisdom and Inspiration for Women

The fog sketching in and out of the giant maple trees out my office window caught my attention as I opened my eyes after listening to another brilliant Chopra Center Meditation to start my day. The meditation was called “The Visionary Me” which I think was written just for me as I prepare important opening remarks for my company’s annual conference of women entrepreneurs. I dig deep each year to create the most meaningful message in front of a room of 150 amazing women. I never take this appearance lightly. I challenge myself to find the right message to convey at this moment in time.

As if the words coming out of Deepak Chopra’s mouth on this morning meditation were taken from the description I wrote about our “POWER” conference using the word “twist” in his message, he also exclaimed, “There is a new twist on networking where we don’t feel we must ‘get out there,’ to meet others but because we can’t wait to be in conversation about our vision and enjoyment in fellowship of other human beings and the real excitement in every day life.

He reminded me that I have created an authentic platform to share my feminist spirit about women supporting women in business, sports, equality and life. Every woman has a chance to create her own vibrant platform. As I listened online last night to Kathrine Switzer talk in the Berlin Adidas store about her lifetime platform of giving more women the opportunity to run after years of women being banned from running in races, I really understood the deep connection you must have to your personal platform and the decades of work it takes to make it happen.

Women each have an authentic platform and we must not shrink down in our passion for it and profess it as often as we can – in a sense clearing the fog that lingers in your position on a subject. I have slowly seen myself get more clear through the hazy atmosphere of calling myself a “feminist” because I believe so strongly in elevating women so they can change the world with their unique platform whether it’s running a business, non-profit agency, running for political office, becoming an athletic focused female or getting women to support women more often in every decision they make.

I encourage you as the fog starts lifting this morning to take 30 minutes of quiet time to think about the platform that beats in your heart, steers your actions and sparks ideas and get living it now. It may take another 20 or 30 years to make a dent in what you want to change in this world. As Deepka says, “Speak freely about your dreams because by leveraging your voice you take internal thoughts and speak them into external possibilities so they can manifest faster.

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