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Wednesday Wisdom: Teamwork in Business Leads to Success

September 6, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom for women entrepreneurs, female business owners, small businesses

The new dance partners sashayed out to center stage on Good Morning America as the network promotes the 25th Anniversary of the award winning show. When you glance at the pairings contemplation begins on who will be the best teammates eventually winning the coveted mirror ball trophy. The winning team in this scenario involves who works best together improving their dance skills and moving the voters until the final show.

As the new Syracuse University Women’s Basketball season begins with teammates practicing drills, passing to each other and creating successful plays, teamwork once again will be the deciding factor of whether the women’s basketball team goes to post season play. Winning in sports as a team means gifted players in the right positions complimenting each other to create winning games. The better the team works together individually and collectively decides their fate.

Entrepreneurship provides team mentality too. Staff members become a woman entrepreneur‘s assistants in completing work. Reliable vendors offering competitive pricing and stellar service become a part of a winning business. Finding like-minded woman entrepreneurs, in similar or differing industries, also showcases teamwork as they work cooperatively towards a common goal.

This year The POWER event, more than any event we have produced before, will display teamwork throughout the day especially when two non-profit organization leaders share collective marketing advice on how they work together to market each other’s organizations in a limited fundraising market. They find success highlighting each other’s non-profit agencies while both working towards a common goal of helping families facing cancer issues.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should inspire you to think how your business survives and thrives on teamwork in the office, with a board of supporters or within the community of like minded businesses. Could you be doing more to foster new partnerships and team members? Who would be part of your “dream team?” Could someone you know bring exposure to your company while your business returns the same favor?

In order for the Dancing with the Stars couples, Syracuse University Women’s Basketball team or Central New York women entrepreneurs to “win,” we must acknowledge we can’t do it alone. Today is the day to start dreaming and creating a stronger team.

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