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“Back to Business” Special Marketing Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

September 5, 2017

Business advice and entrepreneurial marketing tips for women entrepreneurs and female business owners

In the United States, the day after Labor Day means school starts for children age 5-18. College aged sons and daughters made their trek to their higher education institutions a week ago. All the advertising on television, newspapers and radio talked about “Back to School Specials” hoping to land attention and sales.

For the women who now juggle their children’s school schedules, work, volunteer responsibilities and additional family duties, on top of their own businesses, finding time to market their companies can be overwhelming along with their other duties. Somehow we think customers will just find us because we exist but in a world of thousands of communication messages, it is up to us to produce eye catching specials to attract business.

Here are a few “Back to Business” Specials you could implement this month:

* Plan – Pull out your calendar and plan marketing topics or themes from now until December 31st. Create some “themed” business specials, events or even community service events for your staff, customers and prospects to participate in together or volunteer events you can do as a group. Create good will and good feelings at events to create more loyalty.

* Produce – Produce a flyer to advertise some of these monthly events. Be creative on your flyers with quotes from members, images from past runs, holiday clip art, inspirational quotes, etc. Use Constant Contact for example to create a communications template to send monthly. Hire a graphic designer if you don’t have artistic talents.

* Distribute – Dispense the calendars the good ole fashion way – printed – to your current clients, associates, staff and board members with additional copies to distribute to any of their acquaintances to invite to special events as an additional sales tool.

* Post – Post the creative flyers or monthly schedule on your Facebook page. Tell followers to inquire about distributing flyers to their own circle of friends. If you ask for help you will find it.

Sometimes, it takes a “tribe” to create awareness of a business. Summon your tribe and seek their help in promoting your business and activities. The more invested clients and staff are in the organization, the more leaders you’ll find to help share the word about your business.

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