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Monday Motivation: Business Success Strategies from Speed Networking

August 14, 2017

Business wisdom and success strategies for women entrepreneurs, female business owners, small businesses

Success strategies can linger in one’s mind no matter who shares the information with you. Last week I obtained some valuable business advice from a small group of women entrepreneurs from around New York State who attended a special speed networking event. The event was not just focused on a short strong pitch but sharing insight, wisdom and information to others. On this Monday Motivation day, I thought I’d share some of the advice with you.

* Make follow-up phone calls within 7 days of meeting someone new to discuss collaborative projects, cross promotion or to buy and sell to each other. Follow-up is key to successful outcomes in sales.

* Research “HootSuite” to set up your social media marketing posts to go out during prime viewer time.

* Thank written notes with lottery tickets inside them are a great way to thank customers.

* Know your brand so well you can communicate it anytime you meet someone. If we don’t understand our brand, no one else will.

* Always, always ask happy customers for referrals. Set up a system to follow-up with content clients to seek the referrals.

* For service businesses, ask for a $500 retainer before you start work on any projects.

* To communicate well with clients, ask them the best way to stay in touch – text? Email? Phone?

* Give some of your corporate free services to your best customers to thank them once a year.

* You must talk “pricing” to make a decision if customers are right for you, and you for them.

I hope these pieces of advice motivate you on this new Monday morning. Feel free to share some of your best ideas with me on this post.

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