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Setting Increments in Hitting Big Business or Running Goals

August 10, 2017

Inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs and female runners

Yesterday as I spoke to a room full of women entrepreneurs at business events produced by Women TIES, someone asked me how I was able to run in the 2017 Boston Marathon having only been a 2 to 3 mile for the past two decades. It was a great question and one I asked myself as I contemplated running in Boston with Team 261 Fearless and Kathrine Switzer. It wasn’t possible to just believe I could do it, I had to “put in the miles” as past marathoners told me.

Just like a female business owner can’t go from bringing in $20,000 in sales one year to $1,000,000 the next without plans, setting goals and putting in the work, either can women attempting to run their first long race like a marathon. Running a business can be like running in a big race because you need these elements:

* A training plan (aka business plan)
* Dedication to putting in long hours and hard work
* Belief in yourself and desire to achieve the big goal
* Support from others (a running coach or business coach)
* Family support

Before you know it, you’ll be crossing your own “finish line” whatever that is for you. Believe me – you can do it! Today I created a video to share my answers to yesterday’s event questions. I hope it helps you in business or running today!

P.S. If by chance you are a female, why not come run with me and female running icon Kathrine Switzer and Team 261Fearless in Humana RocknRoll San Antonio Marathon on December 2-3, 2017 as a charity bib runner! We want a BIG team in San Antonio! Here’s the link to apply for a bib:

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