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Women Entrepreneurs – Dream Big

August 8, 2017

Inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs, female business owners and small business owners

This is a repost from January 2016 but it was a really uplifting one and I loved the “wisdom” in the fourth paragraph. I hope it inspires you today to dream big.

Hearts are racing, hope is mounting, and dreams are brewing as the anticipation grows for tonight’s $1.5 billion dollar Powerball jackpot. I am positive high on the list of any Central New York winners waking up this morning might be escaping today’s arctic blast for the rest of the winter in the Bahamas or buying a second house in Hawaii where the winter winds don’t blow.

Tucked in the dreams of an entrepreneur winning the jackpot might be the same as the non-business owner or it might be filled with a long list of improvements to their company, hiring staff, buying the latest technology, and serving a much larger audience. Perhaps their dreams would include starting a non-profit foundation, donating money to cure cancer or financing the dreams of other people they care about. We would feel unbelievable if we could do all the things a billion dollar jackpot could provide to us.

If the numbers on your lotto ticket are not the perfect match to every red ball rolling out of the jackpot machine tonight, it doesn’t mean you can’t start some of your billion dollar dreams. We might not be able to give as much away or help as many people, but if those items were important to us before we landed the incredible sum of money, why can’t we budget some time and resources this year to do them anyway just on a smaller scale.

Today I challenge you right now to write down the list of things you would do with the billion dollar jackpot to boost your business, support more customers, serve clients better, give to important community efforts, and support funding for health related causes close to your heart. When you awake tomorrow morning perhaps not rolling in the billion dollar dough, I hope you will seriously consider doing what is on your list. We really don’t need $1.5 billion dollars to make a difference, do we? Sometimes it takes recognition of what changes we want to make coupled with the passion to make a change.

I know tomorrow will be like any other day for me as I market, promote and unite women entrepreneurs online and in person across New York State to help them increase their opportunities for sales and create new economic connections. If by chance I have the right six numbers, I will continue my dedication to the women I’ve served for 22 years but with some surprise free funding for them. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, let’s keep dreaming big together today and every day.

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