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Monday Motivation: Focus on Sales

August 7, 2017

Business wisdom and advice for women entrepreneurs and women in business

Many times throughout the day I focus. I find myself focusing harder on small font sizes that keep getting smaller as I keep getting older. I focus on the quietness of a balmy summer morning. I focus intently when a woman calls me asking questions to aid her business. But the kind of focus I am trying to use more is the focus I gleaned from listening to a successful woman entrepreneur last week.

Creating a million dollar enterprise in less than a year is a feat many women don’t achieve. In fact, most businesses in America fail before their first anniversary. So when one of our members spoke about how she accomplished a really big sales goal in less than a year, I listened intently. What I heard her say was how important it is to “focus” on direct, targeted, persistent sales to achieve the goal. Not all women love sales, but this woman admitted her love for sales and her focus in landing major sales contracts which where the catalyst behind her company’s fast track to success.

One of the definitions of focus is the “act of concentrating on a particular goal and not wasting time or energy on other things.” How often do we get so overwhelmed with business responsibilities – large and small – that we lose our focus, concentration and energy to accomplish the most essential goals in our daily business life? As much as we don’t want to admit it, conducting sales must be a priority, a focus, an ever present high ranking priority to keep our businesses surviving and thriving.

Today’s post is to inspire you to focus on sales.

*Make sales a priority.
*Know your target market.
*Go after your target market.
*Ask more times than you’d like to ask for the sale.
*Be confident.
*Be assertive.
*Keep reaching out for new customers.

If you don’t, you can’t continue to prosper and achieve your largest dream for your business. Those dreams don’t have to be million dollar sales goals, but you must have a sales goal and work diligently every day to achieve it.

Just like a blurry image becomes clear once we focus on it (with or without reading glasses), sales goals will be achieved with more direct, targeted action if we focus on making sales our number one priority.

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