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Getting Comfortable with Customer Compliments and Complaints

July 25, 2017

Tuesday Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

After hosting a national speaker who spoke on a new topic which I created for her she said after the event, “Thank you again for having the idea for this new topic. You really can’t imagine how much of an impact that decision is going to make on my speaking career.”

Recently a new member approached me at an event exclaiming how her membership had landed her a paid speaking gig because she listed herself on our Speaker’s Bureau of Women – which has become a popular place for members to be found and offered speaking opportunities. There was something about these two compliments that has stuck with me for a week.

As woman entrepreneurs we hope our products and services benefit others. We are in business to not only make money; but to provide positive assistance to our customers and the marketplace. It’s why we are so passionate about our offerings. So when we hear compliments or receive testimonials, do we take them seriously or just push them aside because we are too busy to soak them in?

It’s a proven fact that when a customer complains, we focus more on the negativity of their remarks and replicate them repeatedly in our minds. It also occurs when we personally experience poor customer service or a bad business situation ourselves. We will share the negative experience with many more people than when we have a positive customer experience.

Today’s post is meant for you to ask yourself, “Am I truly valuing the positive feedback, remarks and compliments I receive from customers or am I too focused on the negative critiques I receive periodically?” Do you keep a list of client testimonials? You should! Do you harbor criticism from your customers? You shouldn’t! Really ask yourself today, “Do I relish in my successes or am I stuck in client failures?”

What you choose to focus on every day will determine your outlook and positively or negatively affect your decisions. Choose wisely and take my suggestion to soak in those glorious compliments more often.

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