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Suggestions for a Summer Slow Down at Work

July 21, 2017

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As much as I love my business and what I do, it is hard to ignore a truly blissful, beautiful New York State summer day out my window. You might feel the same way. Today’s blog post is to inspire you with suggestions to avoid a slower summer business season.

* Educate Yourself – Summer is the perfect time to enroll on an online business course (SUNY Oswego has some), a seminar or webinar (Women TIES has a special marketing event on August 9th). You can read books relevant to your industry or begin a mentoring relationship with a leader you admire.

* Take Someone to Lunch – If you are like me and don’t have time any other season to go out to lunch with people who ask, pick up the phone and make some lunch dates. Summer can be the perfect season to coffee dates or meetings.

* Host Your Own Event – Summer is the perfect time to plan a company picnic, lunch and learn program for customers, volunteer for a civic event with your employees or treat your best customers to a special summer concert. Live it up and invite your clients.

* Get Working On a Delayed Project – Have you wanted to start writing a book, organize your office, buy supplies or update your computer? When summer business is slow, set a day each week to accomplish one of your delayed work projects.

*Take Some Time Off for You – I have a long time Women TIES member who takes every Summer Friday off to give herself a break since it is her slow season. It is okay to enjoy time to yourself if everyone else is and you don’t have a long task list. Be deliberate about when you do work and when you take time off so you can be most productive……and relaxed.

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