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Uplifting Reasons to Support Non-Profit Businesses

April 26, 2017

Words of Wisdom, Wednesday Wisdom for women, women entrepreneurs and small businesses

The words of last week’s Wednesday Wisdom rang in my mind this week talking to two women entrepreneurs who created 501C3 organizations to help others who suffer like they once did. The quote read, “In the end, I realized how much people really care about others. The world news does not speak about this world that appears on the everyday streets that make up America – or Boston – or other great USA cities. People do believe in each other. We want to love others. We show our love the best we can. We are there in service and support from the smallest of us to the oldest.” I would also add “in the streets of Syracuse,” too.

Since I have dedicated my life to helping women entrepreneurs and women in general, it makes perfect sense I would be highly aware of the health risks women in particular face like breast cancer. They say 1 in 4 women you know face a breast cancer risk. This week I heard about 2 women I know who are suffering from this disease with a very poor prognosis for recovery. Besides placing them in my prayers, I also support Positively Pink Packages, one of Women TIES non-for-profits, created by Jennifer Tom after she went through her own diagnosis in her late twenties. I try not to miss her annual “Kentucky Derby” fundraiser every May to give to her cause and enjoy a special event.

Yesterday as I sat at the WISE Conference with another one of our members Susan Bertrand, who created Maureen’s Hope Foundation which helps anyone with cancer particularly children at Golisano Children’s Hospital, we talked about her inspirational event “iBelieve” on April 30th in Syracuse that is purely meant to deliver inspiration to our community. It’s an afternoon affair with 6 speakers and performers delivering pure inspiration to lighten others lives.

Not all businesses or non-profit businesses have uplifting reasons for their existence but many do. We must remember to support women owned non-for-profit organizations as much as we do female owned businesses because they operate and struggle with funding and marketing exposure like profit companies.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you that many non-profit-organizations are created by women who are making wonderful positive contributions with this type of business entity. Just as important as it is to support woman owned business to help put money in the hands of women and create a stronger buying circle, remember discovering and supporting a non-profit created by a woman is as important. You can make a tremendous difference giving to one of our non-profits and help change the world for a woman with breast cancer or a child suffering with cancer.

When you do give then you too will be making our world full of love and compassion just like I found on the streets of Boston last week.

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