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Monday Motivation: So What Do We Do Now?

April 24, 2017

Monday Motivation, inspiration and wisdom for women and women entrepreneurs

As the crystal blue sky greeted me this morning with lemon lime baby leaves dotting the dark brown maple tree limbs, I glanced up at the foliage knowing what’s in store for them. Soon the leaves will expand, darken in color and fill the empty spaces between the limbs with deep green leaves until they fade into orange in September. Sometimes we just know what is next…..other times we might not.

Not knowing the next stage or phase in your business, life or even sporting endeavors can be natural. Sometimes we need to entrench ourselves in the current moment before we envision the future. Other times we understand the logical progression. Whether we know what comes next or not can be a combination of destiny, logic or emotion.

I sometimes wonder if life is a series of distinct opening and closing of doors or a continuum like the rainbow where colors lead and fade into the next. Perhaps it can be both over a lifetime as we grow, age and transform. Lately transitioning to becoming an empty nester, watching my stepmother suffer through Alzheimer’s Disease, finishing a marathon dream and entering my 22nd year as an entrepreneur are examples of how life is more a progression of colors than endings and beginnings.

If we understand this thought to be true than we can face any time in our life, when it feels like a door has opened or closed, with the emotion that life really isn’t about distinct endings and a beginnings but rather a beautiful rainbow of hues that can illuminate a sunless day anytime we choose to shine a positive light on our future.

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