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Today Is the Day to Get Started

January 25, 2017

Inspiration for women, women entrepreneurs and female business owners 

marchondcseaofpinkPacked like sardines in a crowd of over 500,000 women and their supporters, my small group of women tried moving towards the stage tucked between two large museums attempting to reach the main stage to witness the speakers, performers and organizers of the Women’s March on Washington. Shoulder to shoulder with women and men and hip to hip with children and people in wheelchairs we tried tenaciously to maneuver to listen to Bob Bland, a co-founder of the Women’s March, who had not only given birth to this event but to a daughter too. She held her as she addressed the crowd.

With no way to move because the audience was so large or listen to the performances due to a lack of good logistics like extra speakers in the perimeters, we missed Ashley Judd “Nasty Woman” speech, Gloria Steinman’s sentiments and Madonna’s rowdy words. Knowing we weren’t the only ones who weren’t going to hear the speeches, we yelled when the crowd erupted, met women we would have not met and talked to people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Every ounce of the March and conversation was positive and uplifting.

tracyandsistersdancingThe event was an amazing, peaceful, colorful, energetic, loving display of respect for all people there. From the oldest woman I spoke with who was 85 to the youngest girl I spoke with who was 7, they shared their hopes, dreams and vision for their futures. I even met a transgender youth who proudly told me why he had come to stand up for his own crowd and rights. It was a powerful display of what is good in this world. It was a blessed event and sharing it with 110 women from our group was an once-in-a-lifetime memory.

What I realized is if the women who organized the event didn’t rise up and create the concept of gathering “some women” together, thousands upon thousands of other people wouldn’t have had the chance to experience seeing policemen wearing pink pussy hats, young families standing in solidarity with gay youths or Alaskan women drumming. The marches from every single continent including Antarctica wouldn’t have taken place either. Sometime individuals need to rise to the top of their own dreams to impact their own corner of the world and sometimes even every continent on the planet.

marchondcToday’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant with a strong passion from the Women’s March on Washington to inspire you to think about what you would do if you could do anything to rise up and create a movement to make a major impact in the local community, regionally or internationally. It starts by following that longing in your heart and grows with fearlessness, strength and support. It takes moving way outside your comfort level to start dreaming and preparing. 

If you stop to think too much about what you want to do, you might never get started. So my suggestion to you today is get started. How can I help?

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