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Wisdom Post-Election: It’s What is Inside that Matters Most

November 16, 2016

Wisdom Post Election for Women and Small Business Owners


The swirling hot coffee steam arising out of a cup swaddled by a blurry eyed morning riser who just needs a jolt to start her day is a comforting image. Most of us cannot start our day without the aroma, flavor and energy of a good cup of java. It is a quintessential daybreak scene in most households or business offices. How could this jewel of the morning ever cause controversy?

When Starbucks changed their iconic plain red cup with green logo for the holidays a couple years ago to a cup with images of snowflakes, winter scenes, ornaments and Christmas trees, the company received flack in the marketplace on changing their brand image on their traditional cups. Just a day ago when this corporate giant decided to change back to plain red holiday cups and a traditional blend on behalf of its employees who are from diverse ethnic backgrounds who all represent the company, they are already receiving anger from conservatives who believe Starbucks is moving away from a traditional Christian theme. We understand as women entrepreneurs sometimes we win and sometimes we lose with public opinion.

To be honest with you, I don’t have an opinion on what should be on the outside of a coffee cup, I care about the quality of the taste of what is inside. I find it hard to believe the public can be so judgmental about a corporate design on a popular coffee company’s cup but that seems to be the ‘flavor’ of the day. I think the bigger lesson in the story is about how much our customers’ opinions should influence our corporate decisions.

coffee_heart_design4In a world that has become so divided suddenly in the wake of the election, isn’t what’s important the people you are meeting with over coffee whether it is your beloved family, best friends or valuable clients? Besides the thrill of smelling the coffee and having the steam liven up the dawn, why does the emphasis have to be on the criticism of a coffee cup design more than the bonding of the people joined together to enjoy it?

As Thanksgiving approaches and we find ourselves around tables, counters and coffee machines in our own houses with the ones we love most around us, let’s remember it isn’t hard to bring that same feeling of warmth and joy into the workplace and community. Instead of staring at the coffee cup of someone who is drinking alongside you, take a moment instead to stare in their eyes, enjoying their presence.

ThanksgivingagainToday’s Wednesday Wisdom blog post is to remind you that as business owners and as women in general, we have the ability to lead conversations with love, to bring our families together and to thank our clients for their business. We mustn’t let a rough time in our current America make us bitter or worried about the conversations at the table just like we shouldn’t worry about the design on the coffee cup. It is what is inside that matters most today, at Thanksgiving and always.

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