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Gratitude from Hillary Clinton to Volunteers

November 11, 2016


As a member of Hillary Clinton’s Women’s Outreach Committee, which I have been on since mid June receiving phone calls every Friday on updates happening in the campaign, important ways we could volunteer or support her and receiving news on important issues, I was privy to one final call tonight from Hillary to the committee. I promised my Women TIES members who supported her that I would share her sentiment with them and other women as well. These are my comments on the phone call:

Hillary sounded very tired as you can imagine but I thought it was wonderful for her to find time to thank the women on this committee. Please feel free to share this and tell women to join us at next week’s Women TIES Syracuse Event or to send me their email for our “equality mailing list.” We are working on plans to go to Washington on January 21st to march in peace and solidarity with a million other women…….Here is what Hillary shared on the call:

“I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to talk to you. In so many ways you are the heart and soul of this campaign. You didn’t just talk the talk, you embodied them. You left it all on the field for me and our cause. I hope you find time for relaxation since this is a hard loss for all of us.
Your work still matters. I hope you take time to regroup. It is important you understand there is a lot to be done. But take some time for yourself. You have worked hard.

It is a tough time in our country right now but we need to reach out to each other. It looks like we had the largest popular vote of any election and that will have a lasting impact.

It is a hard loss but we need to support the causes that are most important to us. Its about coming together. Whatever cause made you an active volunteer in this campaign find like-minded people willing to work with you and continue the work.

You represent the best of America. Remain full of passion and energy until our next venture. I believe in you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


I pledge to continue my “pro female” passion for women in business and women in general and invite any woman reading this message who wants to join to click on this link and leave us your email address Women TIES to stay connected to work towards equality for women. I will continue my 22 year leadership to the cause of supporting, promoting and uniting women. I hope you join me if this is one of your causes. If it is not, pick the cause closest to you and keep working on it. Together we can all change the world for the good.

In entrepreneurial and pro-female spirit,


Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham
Women TIES, LLC and Women’s Athletic Network

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