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Entrepreneurs = Rock Stars

August 24, 2016

Business advice and wisdom for entrepreneurs, small businesses and female business owners

davematthewsWe all have our favorite rock stars. If you follow me you know I have been a Dave Matthews Band fan since 1999 when I saw him at Woodstock in my hometown of Rome, New York. I couldn’t pass up attending this iconic rock and roll concert in my backyard. I must admit it was one of the coolest experiences mainly because of how many great rock stars you could listen and dance to over a weekend. Since that moment I have lived out my rock and roll self by annually attending one or more #DMB concerts a year (sometimes more) and listening to his live music when I work at my desk “everyday.”

Rock-and-RollRock stars are known for displaying strong solid beats that grab the attention of others and entice their audience. Women entrepreneurs might not consider themselves to be rock stars in their profession but many of them are; they just don’t look at themselves that way. Female business owners create their own solid beats, imaginative scripts and colorful actions that can be used to attract customers, the marketplace and media. Female business owners don’t always feel comfortable being in the limelight but having a spotlight shown on your company, allowing your fans to learn more about you and making your business name memorable are essential functions of your public relations strategy.

You must see yourself as not just another businesswomen sitting behind her desk doing work but rocking out strong vibes about your personal story and passion for being in business to send electric vibes through the marketplace to stand out. Rock stars don’t sit in their dressing room and never come out into the light, they love the light because they can shine, share their talents and elevate an audience of fans.

itsonlyrockToday reflect on how much you see yourself as a entrepreneurial rock star. Do you give yourself enough opportunities to shine in front of an audience or do you keep yourself planted in your office? Do you create attract, colorful, lively marketing materials to illuminate your personal brand or do you use standard colors because it is easier? Do you share your unique business story with the media or do you hide from attention?

If you need help in this area, we have a female expert coming to our Annual Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs to help you get out on stage and shine your light! In the words of Elvis Presley, “Rock and Roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but move to it;” so why not start thinking of ways to shake up your message and your audience to the beat of exciting new business sounds and message.

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