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Monday Motivation: Expanding and Evolving Towards Success

August 22, 2016

Monday Motivation for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


The following quote moved me this morning to write to you, “Wisdom is a lifesaver in the manic society, where so many people complain that they have no time to stop and think.” As I started my busy work week with a morning meditation, I heard Oprah say, “Success is about expanding and evolving.” It seemed serendipitous that she would say that since “Evolve” is the theme of this year’s annual Retreat for women entrepreneurs and “Expand” is a component of what I hope our events do for the women who attend – expand their connections to new people and their minds to ways of conducting business.

As the rustling leaves and cool wind gathered with me this morning during the meditation it also reminded me of this time of year when as women entrepreneurs we might feel the “rustling” of our energy to get back into full action as summer winds down and our personal lives transform back into a normal pace. It’s time to slowly evolve from the hot breezes of this summer to the cool dreams of the new season.

Lodge-morningIt is no coincidence that I placed our annual conference right after Labor Day to help them shift into a different mindset and higher business energy level during this transition period. I know focusing on this big event gets me excited for the fall and what I can accomplish during the last quarter of the business year.

Today as the cool breezes, rustling leaves and end-of-summer tasks greet you, I hope you take time to meditate on what you need to do to expand and evolve this fall before a new business year arrives in January. As the leaves change from green to gold, your mindset and attentions for success can change too. Have a blessed business day.

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