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Creating a Craze

July 21, 2016

Business Wisdom and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


In streets, in Central Park, in front of The Plaza Hotel and NBC Studios, people of all ages walked liked zombies starring at their phones. My son tried to explain to me this new app was a great thing because it brings people outside and to new places they wouldn’t visit if they were sitting on their couch playing the game. Skeptical as I was, I found it slightly interesting to learn about specific places within the park as my son caught Pokemon balls on our walk; although a ball didn’t appear in front of Ivanka Trump as we passed her and her family near the Central Park Zoo.

As a woman entrepreneur, the only thing flashing in front of my eyes regarding Pokemon Go were the ways business owners could use Pokemon Go as inspiration for their businesses. Could it be possible to have a Pokemon Go ball end up in front of a coffee store willing to sell more coffee to gamers? Could this new phone app motivate small businesses to create their own games or apps to drive traffic to their companies? Could this “craze” like so many other crazes in the past jumpstart an entrepreneur’s creative mind every time they are bumped by someone on their phone?

Lodge-morningIf I could market a Pokemon Ball with a pink figure to direct women entrepreneurs to one place, I would make it lead them to The Lodge at Welch Allyn where they would see the beauty of the venue we book for our annual Retreat for New York State women entrepreneurs, the images of our nine female speakers, visions of women connecting during regional speed networking and the massive food buffet the venue offers. I think I better reach out to Pokemon now to see if I can make that happen.

Until that occurs, today’s post is to remind you as a small business owner to get more creative with corporate ideas, stimulate the consumer’s mind with unique concepts that increase your corporate visibility, and spend time inventing ways to create a craze within your own industry. Remember you can put together a think tank of people to spur on ideas and suggestions to motivate you too.

pokemonI also hope if you are a woman entrepreneur you follow the proverbial pink Pokemon ball to the 8th Annual “Inspiring Success: The Women TIES Retreat” website and register to be with us on September 14, 2016! In doing so, you will walk away with success strategies and connections to make the rest of your business year as successful as Pokemon.

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