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There is no such thing as competition

July 14, 2016

A great blog about business competition by one of our members that was worth sharing with our audience of women entrepreneurs and small business owners. Sometimes we all need to change our perspective.

Diamonds In The Rough

As we go forth in our lives trying to carve a place for ourselves in the business world, it’s very easy to have the worry of competition.  It’s natural to want to be the best at what you do…which you might naturally think means having everyone else be ‘not the best’.   Unfortunately, the reality is, this way of thinking is actually coming from a place you don’t want to be operating from.  FEAR.

This is such a common way of thinking, that it’s foreign to consider the alternative.  If I’m better than everyone else, I’ll be really successful because everyone will want my business.  You know this is where you are coming from when you go networking and run across someone who is in the same field as you are.  Your heart immediately starts to beat faster and you start unconsciously sizing them up.  “Hmmm, competition”.  Should I really talk…

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