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Embraceable Moments for Females in Entrepreneurship and Life

June 8, 2016

Inspiration and Wisdom for Women and Women Entrepreneurs


I just had to stay up for the moment – “the moment” – last night. As I waited for the moment to occur, I flashed back to 1979 standing at a podium in my Junior High School auditorium facing hundreds of classmates as I introduced our all-girls’ slate running for class positions. I was running for President and believed with all my heart our all girls slate would be embraced by our class. As you might imagine, similar to the 2008 Presidential election, no one was ready to elect a female president. I knew then the time wasn’t quite right for victory.

I have held many “President” positions since that embraceable moment. I have been grateful to become the President of some non-profit board of directors and President of two companies. When I see any woman running for President in any position, I throw my support behind her 100% because I understand the dream in her heart. “Women supporting women” has always been my life motto. It is no wonder Women TIES was destined to become a reality.

I’ve also been blessed to have been taken under the wings of many female leaders – women a decade or two older than me. Their wisdom has always touched my spirit. I have continued that tradition when I “pump up” my young nieces trying to accomplish their own great feats, female college interns working for me or a young woman entrepreneur just beginning her company.

WsW_pinkI vote pink. I always have and the reason is because I believe that our country needs as many female voices to equalize male voices. I have supported many women running for office because I want women’s issues to be in the forefront for equality for my generation and my nieces’ generation. I have supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2008 and today. I have supported Joannie Mahoney for Onondaga County Executive and Joanne Yepsen, Mayor of Saratoga Springs. I endorse female leaders in public and private life especially my beloved group of female entrepreneurs who are Presidents of their own companies.

Today’s blog is to ignite your passion to think pink as often as you. Be a woman who supports women in all aspects of life – business, sports, equality, politics, community and life. We must have each other’s backs if we are to change this world for once and for all for 50% of the nation.

I hope you share the message with every woman you know – especially young women. We must be the fore-mothers now for the next generation of women to follow just like so many women who have come before us including Hillary Clinton today.

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