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Forward Motion Aids Entrepreneurs

June 6, 2016

Business Advice and Wisdom for Entrepreneurs


‘Forward Thinking’ and ‘Forward Motion’ are statements which crossed my mind this week and made me think about their significance as a woman entrepreneur.

As I watched a television series come to an end, a major character, who was dark and cruel, admits that one crucial decision he made twenty years prior set him on a life of bad choices. One critical moment created the trajectory of the rest of his actions and decisions. With heavy regret, he realized if he was more mindful about that choice and let it ‘go’ years ago he would have had a better life. He wished he had been “forward thinking” instead of stuck in the past.

After reading a short story on survival, a woman who had tragic and unexpected circumstances occur in her life talks about her will and determination to go on. She said, “Every morning I woke up (literally and figuratively), put my feet on the floor, took a deep breath, fixed breakfast and did everything I always did. I used my routine to keep me moving. I continued moving forward.”

As entrepreneurs we have experienced tough entrepreneurial moments when we’ve lost a client, made a poor decision, experienced a regretful moment, or lost faith in ourselves. The question is, “Have we let that moment, that event, that decision, affect us and our business negatively or positively?” Like the first character, have we remained stuck in a bad decision from years ago that still influence or harm us? Or like the second character, have we moved forward from a bad situation knowing the only way to move on is to go forward?

Today remind yourself that what matters most is the fact we cannot go back and change our past – past decisions, poor choices, or wrong turns. We must continually think and move forward realizing we are always given opportunities to advance ourselves. It is up to us to set the goals, devise the strategy and most importantly control the way we think so we can move forward freely and at peace.

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