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Super Tuesday Inspirational Blog Post for Women

March 15, 2016

Inspirational and business wisdom


On this Ides of March and Super Tuesday, I am grateful for growing up in a household with a mother, whose birthday is today, that brought diverse people around our Italian dinner table for conversation and fellowship. Gay artists, Roman Catholic Priests, deaf students, and African American interns shared our table. At my aunt’s house once in a while homeless men were invited to break the bread. My eyes, heart and spirit embraced all types of people at an early age. I love having a multi-cultural love for this world.

My mother also taught me to be a strong, resilient woman who would work to earn her own way in life and not depend on a man’s support. Whether I made money at the age of ten polishing silver, or sold yearbook ads in high school or paid my way through college working in food service, I created my own income. Today I celebrate 21 years as a proud woman entrepreneur who has paved her own way in her profession. We are all responsible for our own earnings and financial independence too.

What I want to share today in my blog are the lessons I learned from my 50 years of living so far to shine light on a great way to live life (and maybe even who deserves our vote this today):

* Embrace the good in other people. Embrace other religions, other ways of thinking, other skin tones, and other professions. Realize the world is a better place when it is diverse and made up of all types of people.

* Be kind and respectful to others and the world will shine back on you. Your actions speak louder than any words. Your history and reputation are indelibly intertwined. You can be a positive light shining hope and good will or deal in pessimism and doubt casting darkness.

* Work hard every day of your life to support yourself and your family. Don’t depend on anyone else to provide handouts to help you. It is up to you to make your own living in life.

pinkglobeToday I hope this also resonates with people voting in major states. The leader of this wonderful, country of ours needs to be someone who can embrace all people no matter their sex, religion, financial background, beliefs or views. I believe strongly a female can be a great President and display positive traits to bring more diverse people together just like my mom did. I hope Super Tuesday voters vote with their hearts.

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