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Business Inspiration – Be a Beacon of Reason

March 2, 2016

Wisdom, Inspiration and Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


Flooding the airwaves this morning were results from Super Tuesday voting. Before I lose you on that opening sentence, remember my wisdom writings are inspired by everyday occurrences that relate to entrepreneurial life. Being American means having a right to vote, supporting any candidate we choose, and living in a beautiful country of free speech. As a woman entrepreneur who has lived in public relations for twenty years, I have diligently selected spoken and written words to inspire, motivate and educate others no matter how different my audience.

As a woman brought up on strong catholic values surrounded by a very caring family and friends, my attitude, tone and outlook were influenced and shaped by my environment and beliefs. As hard as it can be at times in life and business, we must respect others. As I lay awake last night worried about the possibility of an insensitive, “politically incorrect” male candidate becoming the leader of this country, I reminded myself that thankfully we have a woman in the race.

When people ask me why I have so strongly supported women in all aspects of life, it is because we can be tough but at the same time kind. We can intellectually attack a problem without having to attack people. We can be gracious without being weak. Our female DNA has created sensitive, well meaning, smart people who can listen, care, compromise and lead. I am thankful for the two X chromosomes running through my body, mind and spirit every single day.

As a leader I do not believe in outwardly condemning anyone for their practices, beliefs or ideologies. Only through positive written word and speech can I inspire others and highlight the wonderful attributes women possess. I can count five strong female leaders who have influenced me and ones who still do today. Whether it’s Women’s History Month or not, my history – and I would suspect yours too – has been greatly impacted by women. Let’s never stop lifting up our sisters because the world desperately needs more maternal tones and influences.

AnniversaryGroupShotWomenRuleREDUCEDToday’s post is to remind you as Women’s History Month begins to be mindful of the women who have made a positive impact in your life and in our world. Reflect momentarily on the negative environment of politics and then take a cue by pledging to yourself and your constituents to be a positive, shining beacon of reason, insight and knowledge as you lead. The world is harsh enough without its leaders adding insensitivity to the mix. Lead with a warm, caring heart and strong personal brand and your followers will notice.

During Women’s History Month remember these words of Bobbye Erhardt, “Aspire to be your best self. No one else can do that, no one else can be that and no on else can tell you what this is.”

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