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Leap Day Action and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

February 29, 2016

Leap Day Action and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


With one extra business day gifted to women entrepreneurs this year, we must utilize it t0 the fullest. Unlike the last three years, we have one extra day to do something extra we might not normally do. It’s a day that must not be wasted.

Besides leaping for joy at having another day of work, you could also do the following business activities themed in the name of the day:

L – Look online to find a YouTube video to learn something news. Listen to inspirational or educational clips and implement what you hear.

E – Engage with new friends on your social media marketing sites. Excite your followers with educational tidbits that can help them in business today. Expand your casual online relationships by inviting one person to share information about themselves to create a better relationship.

A – Ask new acquaintance for their business. Take action by hiring someone to help you with your business in an area you have been failing at. Act bolding by asking someone to assist you in connecting you with someone who can open up new doors for you.

P – Plan now for special days later this year where you invite your biggest clients to lunch or a special event. Promote your business with a press release on new happenings in your business this month. Sign up for a special program or conference where you can expand your ideas, connections and network in the fall.

Today is the perfect day to do some simple or long-awaited activities to take advantage of this extra entrepreneurial day. It only comes around every four years so make it meaningful.

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