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Thank you Buffalo Bills for Hiring Female Assistant Coach

January 21, 2016

Women’s Equality, Female Athletes, Changing the World Inspiration


Although I wear pink, promote women entrepreneurs and believe strongly in equal pay for women, I am a football fan. The Denver Broncos have been my favorite team since the early ‘80s when John Elway was playing. Back then, I didn’t have ESPN so I couldn’t easily catch up on Bronco’s news or even buy a sporty Bronco’s jersey. I did have a poster of Elway that hung up in my dorm room which I had to defend to my Jets and Giants friends.

I ended up marrying a Buffalo Bills fan and as much as he has tried to convert me to wear red, white and blue for his NFL team, I can’t shake my orange and blue colors not only because of the Broncos but because my son plays club lacrosse for the Syracuse University Orangemen. But today is the day when my head got turned and my spirit lit up because the Bills hired Kathryn Smith to serve as a special team’s quality control coach. Kathryn is also a graduate from one of Syracuse, New York’s high schools.

Sometimes people become fans because they live in the same geographic area as a team like I did when I lived in Philadelphia or when they have a favorite football player like John Elway or because the team has something special like hiring a woman to be the first full-time female assistant coach in NFL history.

Today I rejoice in the fact that I can add the Buffalo Bills to my favorite team list not because my husband convinced me or because I live in New York State but because they have a female coach who will be making a difference in sports and the world for women to follow. Good luck Kathryn! As my father the football coach would say, “Go get ’em.”

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