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Taking the Next Step in an Entrepreneurial Venture

January 12, 2016

Business and entrepreneurial wisdom for women entrepreneurs


A few years ago I met a woman entrepreneur who was on her way to making a million dollar in sales. By all accounts, she appeared as a successful businesswomen to the community. Little did anyone know she had created and failed with two other companies.

Through numerous conversations with this woman, I discovered she felt the success of the third enterprise rested on the lessons she learned from the failures of the first two. She also admitted creating a highly successful business was because she was truly ready and prepared to achieve victory as an entrepreneur. The quote “Adversity is so much a part of business that it just might be the key ingredient to success,” rings true in this example.

As women we have an instinct of knowing when we are ready for personal changes like getting married, having children, moving away from home and leaving behind poor relationships. We might not realize we have the same instinct when it comes to business transitions. The number of years running a company,fluctuating sales figures, changing economic times or our personal maturity as an entrepreneur can cause an instinctive desire to embrace transformation if we just pay attention to the voice inside.

When we are confused about the next step in our entrepreneurial venture, we need to dedicate time to hearing the instinctive message resonating within. Our instinct combined with facts, figures and a plan can lead us in a new corporate direction. Any angst we sense, and any adversity in the way, can be exactly what we need to finally more forward and create the success we really desire.

Focus-3Today’s I suggest you find time this week to focus on what your instincts are telling you. Flush them out. Focus on what they mean. Determine what you want to do with this new knowledge and then take some risks towards moving in a new direction.

A quote that has always helped me in times of decision has been, “If I don’t try, I won’t fail; and if I fail I’ll just get up and try again.” It has served me well during adverse times; I hope it does the same for you.

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