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Be the Solution – The Power of YouTube Tutorials for Entrepreneurs

January 11, 2016

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


Yesterday instead of watching the NFL Playoff games which I waited for all week, I found myself staring at a repetitive computer email problem I just couldn’t fix. As time went on the frustration mounted and my usual logic and clarity was frozen like the fingers of the fans watching the Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks game. There was nothing I could do to override the feeling of despair and my lack of computer knowledge so I finally walk away from my screen with a loss much like the hopeful Vikings.

When everything rides on the shoulders of a woman entrepreneur or solo business owner and trouble arises, we can be overly zealous in our attempts to correct the problems on our own. We are fiercely independent to a fault and have a tendency to waste time trying to figure out a solution to a problem rather than calling in support especially when a problem arises on a weekend.

The fantastic thing about Monday mornings is the hope and resolve entrepreneurs face to get up and start anew with a fresh week. As I watched the recap of the playoff games I missed at 5 a.m. this morning on my treadmill, the sudden idea and clarity of searching on YouTube to find a tutorial to solve my dilemma spiraled into my mind like a perfect Russell Wilson pass. Boom.

Fifteen minutes later after watching a simple YouTube tutorial on how to fix my computer email problem, the issue was fixed. No longer was I frozen with worry about not being able to communicate with my membership or send out vital communication to clients, I was up and running with a new breath and life after watching a 15 minute video clip.

Today’s Monday Motivation is to remind you that YouTube has videos to help you with most problems – from learning how to fill out a W-4 form to setting up a Gmail account to even writing a press release. The next time you are frustrated turn to YouTube to find a solution. It’s much easier than sitting in a sub-zero NFL game cheering on your favorite team.

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