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Women Contribute to “A Dazzling Hue of Pink”

December 16, 2015

Business inspiration, wisdom and advice for women entrepreneurs


As another Christmas Eve approaches in a week and visions of Saint Nicholas on his sled flying above Mother Earth start crystallizing in my mind, I witness him glancing down at a world that looks different than last year. A brilliant pink hue illuminates the atmosphere when he circles above countries and regions that have women making a difference.

malalaA rose colored hue radiates the air from the passion of Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, a 17-year-old student and education activist and youngest-ever Nobel Prize winner who was shot in the head by the Taliban gunman two years ago for insisting girls also have the right to an education.

serenawilliamsA watermelon shade shines above tennis pro Serena Williams who was named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year, an honor that an individual woman has not received since 1983. Serena, a 21 time grand slam champion battled racism and sexism to dominate her sport.

hillarypinkA deep raspberry tone emanates from Hillary Clinton running for President of the United States with her strong educational, professional and foreign affairs background who is trying to make the world better for her daughter, granddaughter and a generation of women.

If Saint Nicholas looks hard enough he will also notice the zeal of women entrepreneurs all over the globe who every day wake up to produce a product or service to their local community that makes life easier, better or more meaningful. Pink light shines everywhere – around, above and throughout the entire globe. He soon realizes how the powerful works these women make contribute to a kinder, smarter and better place for all.

Today’s blog post is to thank women entrepreneurs for their individual contribution to your community, the marketplace and the world that makes our globe glow with more energy and hope. Do not diminish the impact of your passion and hard work as the year draws to an end. Sip your favorite warm or cold drink near the glow from your tree or window lights in the quiet evening or morning this holiday and recount your business blessings and the people who adorned your path in 2015. I hope you envision your own pink light shining brightly.

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