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Seeing Your Name in Print More Often in 2016

December 16, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


No matter how hard technology tries, there will always be people holding and reading a book, newspaper or magazine during their day at some point. Reading a print publication is still a transformative occasion when readers are carried into another world or dissolve into the expertise of another person.

Many women entrepreneurs, with years of proven business expertise, contemplate whether 2016 is the year for them to see their name in print more often. Decades of business wisdom and personal knowledge is the groundwork needed to write or contribute to a book, newspaper or magazine. Copies of written work become a calling card for speaking opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Recently a few women entrepreneurs shared advice on the topic at an event. Their advice was too valuable to not share with my blog readers. I hope their inspires you to open up a new marketing avenue for you and your company.

* Self publishing has become a popular way to print an individual’s book. Judith Shenouda, Owner of Shenouda Associates Inc. explained self publishing is not rocket science. It is a very doable process anyone can follow. Using a program like provides easy guidelines.

* Judith also shared the fact self published books are not picked up in traditional book stores; they are sold online at places like Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. If you want to land a book in a brick and mortar store, use a traditional publisher but expect needing to submit a formal proposal and a longer timeline to see your work published.

* If you would like to see your name in regional or national print publications, like Natural Awakenings of Rochester, publisher Kelly Klein explained entrepreneurs might contribute to editorials by submitting press releases, purchasing display advertisements or obtaining advertorials (promotional or educational and are articles that accompany purchased advertisements) to promote themselves.

* Kelly shared before you select a publication to submit information to, make sure you know your niche and the targeted publications niche and be original in your writing. Always end with tips.

*Christine Krahling, award winning writer and blogger and author of “CeliacSavvy” blog, recommends those interested in publishing essays or personal stories contact a company called Nothing But the Truth Publishing who is currently searching for authors for their next edition.

* Christine also shared one of the best resources for writers might involve hiring an agent. One of the best resources for writers is Writer’s Digest. Realize any agent worth her salt will ask a writer if they have a “platform,” meaning do you have a Facebook page (how many followers?); a Twitter account, an Instagram account, etc. and do you have you written/published articles on your book’s subject matter, etc. It is highly recommended a writer have a platform before pitching to an agent.

printmediaAfter reading these print pointers, I hope you add “Seeing My Name in Print” to your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions. Let us know where to find you once you get published.

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    Thanks to Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham of Women TIES for including me in this week’s “Wednesday Wisdom!” See my tips on how to get your name in print (more) often in 2016! I love being a part of a professional group that empowers women to be their best selves!


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