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Monday Morning Motivation for Entrepreneurs

August 31, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


As my husband and son faced another start to their work week this Monday morning, they both wished they had one more day to relax at home. For 20 years running my own business, I’ve never felt the “Monday Morning Blues” because I have worked for myself, setting the tone, tasks and plans within my business work week. The only motivation I need on Monday is to think about the customers I will work with this week, the intellect and wisdom I’ll use to conduct business and the new ideas to launch.

It was 20 years exactly on August 8th that I became a woman entrepreneur. I have opened my doors every Monday for 2 decades greeting it with anticipation and enthusiasm. Every Monday has begun the same way and led me to constant success. I thought I’d share my Monday morning traditions today hoping it inspires you to use the tools I have used for your own entrepreneurial achievement.

* Be Organized – Begin every Monday morning with a “To Do List” of weekly activities listed in priority from most urgent to least. Before noon, tackle the five most urgent tasks when your commitment to completing them is high. For some business owners that mean sending out invoices, setting up meetings, starting a new project or even finishing up last week’s projects. Commit to your “Top 5 Tasks” by noon every Monday and you will find more contentment and achievement.

* Be Creative – Everyone has a different internal creative time when writing or thinking happens best for them. I personally love being creative first thing in the morning before my day gets bogged down with details or requests. Monday mornings have become my favorite time to write blog posts, create ask letters for funding, crafting e-newsletters or press releases to market my company and prepare email messages to customers. Many entrepreneurs empty their minds over the weekend making Monday the perfect day to be creative.

* Be Sales Orientated – Every Monday I map out the sales calls I need to make during the week since I do not like making sales calls on Monday. I suggest you prepare call lists and scripts for sales calls within the work week and schedule time in the week to make those calls. Then every morning commit to making sales calls before noon, recording your success or follow-up activities. By starting your work week out money focused, you will feel confident about earning revenue the rest of the week – and that is why we get up every Monday as entrepreneurs isn’t it?

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