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Advice for Women Entrepreneurs: Revising, Refocusing and Reinventing Their Businesses and Selves

August 27, 2015

Business advice and wisdom for women entrepreneurs and female businesswomen


The demographic of women I have served for twenty years has been ages 30-65 when life is filled with new personal chapters as they land their first professional job, get married, have children, lose parents, become grandparents and enter retirement.

The 30-65 aged women entrepreneurs I have focused on have had their share of chapters as they filed their first DBA paperwork, opened their corporate doors, hired their first employee, said good-bye to clients, struggled through big financial losses and triumphed during revenue swells.

The constant in any woman’s life, whether she is an entrepreneur or not, is the need to revise, recreate and reinvent her future. As I look back on my 20 year entrepreneurial career, I had to revise my business plan every two years, recreate my brand message every five years and reinvent myself as an entrepreneur every ten years by starting a new company.

I’m not the only woman who has their career or business change periodically, many do. After speaking with a few women as I was planning this year’s annual conference for New York State women entrepreneurs, I discovered one woman left her counseling job in a school district to start a blog after she became an empty nester, another one left a successful corporate job to follow her passion to help women train for athletic events, and one was ready to leave her small business to return to the corporate world but changed her mind while interviewing with other companies and instead returned to her business to grow it differently.

I have always felt that thinking about change of any kind is the hardest part. Once you make a decision to make a change, the stress drops away and excitement replaces the feeling. Like every situation in life, we fear what we don’t know. The only way to explore any change is to realize you need it and let the process begin.

changeaheadI hope today you remember as a woman entrepreneur you will experience change throughout your business lifetime. Right now you might feel the need to revise, recreate or reinvent yourself or your corporation. You could also feel an itch to change your life somehow but you don’t know what to do next. Maybe you have something ready to launch and realize it is time to finally do it. Remember this statement, “Every beginning, is another beginning’s end,” and follow through on what you most want to do to revitalize yourself, life or business.

If you feel like hearing the stories and wisdom of the three women I met, you have a chance on October 1st at our annual conference when the discussion about reinventing, revising and refocusing is center stage. By witnessing their success after their trepidation to change, you will be inspired to do the same in your own life.

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