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The Perfect Bucket List Business Day

August 12, 2015

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business


Dark green trees adorned the entrance to the iconic Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York. I was excited to meet 4 of my loyal Ithaca members for lunch to thank them for their business and ask their opinion about maintaining my company’s presence in their region. We were unexpectedly joined by a past member who saw my Facebook post about the luncheon date.

The waiter came back numerous times to take our order since we were busy catching up on each other’s business. One woman’s company had grown in size she was managing 44 employees. Another one updated us on her corporate growth since moving her business to a new, more visible location. Another woman talked about her 3 year business success and not needing marketing to attract customers, and the fourth one described her consistent progress after 6 years in business.

It was a warm, open and friendly conversation – the way women entrepreneurs typically react when they are together. It is one of the reasons I love my customers. Mixed within my bucket list experience of eating at this famed vegetarian restaurant was great discussion about maintaining longevity in business, developing innovative ideas, and mentoring younger women business owners. I left as I always do when I visit with Ithaca women entrepreneurs – refreshed, relaxed and inspired to do better for myself, my health and my constituents.

Women entrepreneurs get so busy performing duties they can forget to take their favorite customers to lunch to enjoy their company, ask their opinion and gain wisdom in how to conduct business better for other customers like them. Everyone is busy, but taking time to treat loyal customers to something besides “business” opens the door to inspirational entrepreneurial thoughts.

bucketlistToday’s blog post is to encourage you to create a list of 10 customers you would like to see the next couple months and make weekly appointments to see them. Take them to their favorite place or your own bucket list restaurant. Invite their opinions on some new services or products you want to launch. Get to know them better. Listen to their needs and determine how you can service those needs at another level.

I found it wasn’t the Moosewood Inn alone that made today a bucket list business day, it was spending time with 5 women I enjoy, respect and hope to serve better in the future.

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