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Business Assessment – What Do You Need To Discard?

August 11, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Garage sales, estate auctions, and Ebay all have something in common; they are places where individuals have selected prize possessions to discard. At some point in their lives people assessed their material possessions in order to know what to keep, discard, sell and let go.

I’m not sure women entrepreneurs conduct the same type of assessment within their own enterprises on an annual basis. I’m not referring to looking through and cleaning out file drawers or storage cabinets and de-cluttering space but instead taking a measurement of every corporate product and service offered to see if each is worth the time and effort to keep selling.

I remember several years ago hosting an online store of personalized Women TIES products on my website certain that members would want to purchase business items with our logo on them to use within their companies or identify them as a member of our organization. The store was open for a year not costing any money and only taking up space on my website. I realized after a year of having the online store it was bogging me down because I wasn’t getting the financial results I projected. I had to make the assessment to either keep this part of my business going or discard it and let it go.

Today’s post is to inspire you in the next few weeks to analyze the parts of your business whether they are products, services, or new ideas that haven’t gotten off the ground and make the assessment to either keep holding onto them or discarding them. Did you establish a division of your company that is taking too much time and producing too little income? Have you purchased items to sell that just haven’t sold? Do you have a page on your website that is irrelevant now? If you do, make a decision to let go of what’s not working.

Only in discarding once valuable pieces of our company will we set free the space, time, energy and revenue opportunity so we can fill that space up with something better and more financially productive. I hope you are inspired today to kick those unproductive parts of your business to the curb this month!

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