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Live Fearless Today Entrepreneurs

July 22, 2015

Business advice and inspiration for entrepreneurs


Around my wrist dangles a new black bracelet with a silver charm that says “Marathon Woman” on one side and “Fearless” on the other. It was a gift I bought for myself after finding one of the most fearless women who has crossed my path this year.

As I was finalizing the speakers for our 7th annual conference for women entrepreneurs, I typed in the word “fearless” in Google. The first article that came up was about Kathrine Switzer, a Syracuse University graduate, who broke the gender barrier as the first woman to enter the Boston Marathon in 1967. Coincidentally the article was written by my friend Jill Tietjen, the new CEO of the National Women’s Hall of Fame who spoke at Women TIES 10th Anniversary Celebration in March. I immediately emailed Jill to see if she could connect me to Kathrine to see if I could land her for this year’s Retreat keynote speaker. I had no idea how successful Kathrine was when I asked Jill to connect us.

Five exciting emails went back and forth between me and Kathrine as we shared our similar interests in supporting women and women in sports. Although she was already booked for October 1st, I had opened a door to a wonderful new relationship with an amazing woman who asked me to join her list of “Influential Women Who Can Help 261” which is her new non-profit organization called 261 Fearless, Inc. #261 was Kathrine’s bib number that was almost ripped off her by a man in the 1967 marathon.

I was so excited about the connection that I bought Kathrine’s book, which she offered to personally autograph, and a set of “fearless” bracelets to inspire me to be less fearful about running my business every day and continuing to be a runner.

I have always believed that fate provides us with unique opportunities when we aren’t looking. I believe being fearless in business means reaching out to other women who have accomplished great feats even when their resume surpasses our own.

fearless2Today I am inspiring you to reach farther, run harder, and be less fearless in what you are pursuing. Contact someone who impresses you, strive for connections with someone who is beyond your reach, and use your personal resources to make the connection. My fearless bracelet has helped me make more sales calls, let go of worrying about my sons, and embarked me on a new energetic approach to life. What could finding someone who inspires you do for your life?

Live fearless today because it is more comfortable living that way than in fear. Believe fateful situations that will benefit you are sometimes only a moment away.

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