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How The British Open Can Help Entrepreneurs Today: The Mental Game

July 21, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


As I watched the final round of The British Open yesterday in between work projects, I could not peel my eyes away from the unfolding drama as contenders moved up and down the leader board. Each person knew exactly where they stood compared to their competitors and what it would take personally to win part of the 10 million dollar prize pot and Claret jug.

Sporting events always trigger entrepreneurial insight within me. Professional golfers are no different from entrepreneurs in the sense they work hard to position themselves to earn money in their trade. The ones who excel are often the ones who spend more time honing their trade, hiring excellent coaches to improve their game, invest in top line equipment, and continue competing even if they experience defeat.

What seems to be a key to success for The British Open golfers who won is keeping a strong mental outlook on the small failures along their tournament journey. As the ESPN commentators kept stating, “The player with the most mental fortitude will win on this course in these conditions.” Shouldn’t entrepreneurs at times use the same mental fortitude when faced with difficulties like falling revenue, customer departures, and competitors entering the marketplace?

AndrewsIf entrepreneurs watched the golfers who performed on the “old course” in Scotland, they will remember the ones who remained calm, recollected themselves after missed holes, hovered above their own criticism and relaxed through difficult situations. They were the ones who rose to the top of the leader board. Shouldn’t all business owners do the same for themselves to witness more positive results for our own companies?

My wisdom today is to encourage you to operate your business with a strong mental attitude and confident calm. Keep your eyes on your competitors but play your own game to win.

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