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Lead in Business Today Like a MVP

June 10, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


I could not turn it off. I wanted to hear more. I knew if I listened intently there was a message. I am sure you have felt this way before. Someone spoke and you were inspired. These moments come in graduation speeches, award ceremonies and educational moments. I find the best wisdom comes in every day moments.

I love many things. If you have followed me the past ten years you know I love my sons, women entrepreneurs, inspiring others, the Dave Matthews Band and sports. Everyone is different. Everyone is genetically created with interests that fuel them. What motivates us comes from so many sources – our upbringing, our hereditary, lifelong relationships and ourselves. I became a sports fan for many reasons but primarily because my parents were physical education teachers and coaches and inspired my sister and I to turn off the television and engage as often as we could in sports. I guarantee if you stop for a moment you can reflect on what or who has influenced who you are.

What I could not turn off this morning was a wonderful personal interview with LeBron James after last night’s NBA Finals victory. I have been mesmerized by James since watching him play in a live game in Cleveland with my sons in 2007. I have loved his passion, talent, and especially his leadership style. I loved when he moved to Miami and then back to Cleveland. This morning’s interview was about what it takes to lead himself and his team. It struck my spirit as he said, “I have to show up and lead all the time not only for myself but for others around me.”

As a woman entrepreneur you understand his statement. We get up every morning with a decision to lead or follow. Lead ourselves into a victorious day or shrink into average duties. Lead others by our optimism, example and encouragement or be silent. We choose to see ourselves as strong, resilient women or perceive ourselves as weak. It is a choice. It is a mindset. It is about leadership.

Today’s post is to remind you that the stronger you are as a leader of your company the more successful you will be. The stronger your network of employees, vendors and supporters, the more things you will achieve. The harder you push to make every single day highly successful- like LeBron James pushes to win every single game – the more goals you will accomplish. You must believe in yourself. You have to push harder. You have to shoot higher.

lebronYou might not be inspired by LeBron James like I am, but there are high achieving people who inspire you. Take a few minutes today to read something that motivates you – review a YouTube video, listen to some music or even turn on ESPN and take in leadership inspiration to fuel your day. Lead on. Be the MVP today.

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