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Possess Business Confidence Like LeBron James

June 8, 2015

Business advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners


When you are at the top of your game in business, life or basketball, you tend to create either a passionate fan following or spiteful doubters who want to see you fail. How an individual handles their rise and sustainability at the top in midst of a combination of loyalty and disdain is a feat of personal power. Celebrities, politicians and sports stars are not the only ones susceptible to the rise and fall of popularity. Business owners can as well.

I have been a basketball fan since I stood at my father’s side cheering on the stars of the sports. We both loved the Boston Celtics even though we lived in New York State. I practiced foul shots as often as I could on a hoop on my garage and played with my male cousins who were high school stars. It made sense when LeBron James leapt to the forefront of basketball news that I paid attention.

One of the top ten events I enjoyed most in my life, besides the 1999 Woodstock in Rome, New York or the birth of my sons, was going to Cleveland in April 2002 to watch a Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game. The environment was electric, the crowd enthusiastic and star player LeBron James spectacular. I became a LeBron James the moment I watched him play.

In everyday business, we need motivation and inspiration. For the most part I get that from other women entrepreneurs that I respect but sometimes I get it from watching LeBron James play. His stunning NBA Final performance last night in Oakland reminds me that I can do the following in business today:

• Have an outstanding one day performance if I believe I can and if I am 100% committed to success. I might not open up my business doors every morning with the look of intensity that James had at the opening of last night’s game, but when I need to change my attitude to become more successful I can – and so can you.

• Understand success is only possible with a cast of strong supporters. Whether they are staff, loyal customers, or reliable vendors. A woman entrepreneur cannot be a winner in business unless she is surrounded by a strong supporting cast of characters; just like LeBron can’t carry a game on his own without his teammates input.

• Know there is a well of confidence you can possess in times of doubt to push you forward. What I love most about LeBron James is what others might not like, his brash, undying confidence in himself and his skills. All small business owners can use that same confidence when business is slow, the market gets flooded with competitors or after a financial loss. Our confidence can dramatically increase our chances for success.

I hope today you feel like I do, confident that your business future is bright if you take some cues from LeBron James and lead your entrepreneurial life with outstanding performances, a supporting cast of supporters and extreme confidence you can achieve your goals.

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