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Fixing Shortsightedness in Business Decisions

April 23, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


In 1977 I lost my long distance vision. It did not affect my youthful spirit because I ended up wearing contacts and utilizing my planner’s vision to have a long term perspective and planning strategy in my personal life and career. It was not until this past January that I became short sighted and not with my vision but with my entrepreneurial mindset.

Short shortsightedness means something is determined without taking the future into account. Maturity, two decades in business and education have always kept my short shortsightedness at bay until recently. I am sure I am not the first or last business owner to react to a situation – like losing a client, alternating corporate policies or making emotional decisions – when I should have used a long term perspective in its place.

If you find yourself on the short side of some recent decisions, don’t worry there is always time to fix your sights back on the larger picture, a loftier goal or to get re-rooted in your core principles and return to doing business the “right” way. The strongest people I know are people who admit their errors to themselves and others and then make the necessary changes to get back on track.

If you are feeling like you have lost sight of the some corporate priorities, here are some quick tips to help you regain your perspective and position:

* Participate in an activity that quiets your mind and re-energizes your spirit. It might mean taking a short retreat, running, praying, meditating, being counseled or learning. If you are feeling scattered, give yourself permission and time to do something physical or mental to restart your engine.

*Go back to the basics, your core mission, principles and beliefs. If you have lost your way, ask your closest friends for help in reminding you of your mission in life and business. In any failed race, there is another race you can sign up for and run. It is the same in entrepreneurial life. You can have a “do-over” if you need one. Just commit to starting again.

* Remember this quote, “If you don’t try, you can’t fail. If you fail, get right back up and try again.” Failure never needs to be a permanent end to a decision or action. It can be used as a signal that you made a wrong decision. Any poor choice can be uprooted, tossed aside and tested again with a different approach and outcome. Have faith that only in trying do we fail; and only in trying again do we truly succeed.

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