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Women Entrepreneurs: Failure is Impossible

March 4, 2015

Women’s History Month Business Wisdom and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen


As guests entered a well marketed business luncheon, they walked into a room of ethereal music of two harps, a colorful slide show of business women, pink roses on black linen tables, champagne in fluted glasses, and handouts adorned with a purple and yellow pin that said, “Failure is Impossible,” a quote by Susan B. Anthony. The atmosphere wasn’t that of a typical corporate affair, it was so much more.

As women entrepreneurs listened to wise words from two guest speakers they were inspired by a few poignant quotes. The first was, “A main characteristic of the successful women is her passion or drive to do something to change the world,” said Jill Tietjen, CEO of the National Women’s Hall of Fame. The second was, “Live collaboratively with other women in your good days and in times of challenge and growth in order to succeed,” said President Deborah Stanley of SUNY Oswego. Their words of wisdom pierced the air and settled in the spirits of the women in the room.

As a timeline of females who changed history by their actions including Lucretia Mott, a leading voice of the abolitionist and feminist movements, Juliette Gordon Low, the originator of the Girl Scouts and Madam C. J. Walker, an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, regarded as the first American female self-made millionaire, was displayed in this room full of modern business women, a spirit of fortitude cloaked the room.

The event concluded with two group photographs of the 90 women in attendance. The first was a typical, conservative image to be used in an upcoming business publication. The second one was different as the women in the photo pumped their hands and arms in the air the moment the photo was taken as a signal of “We can do it just like our foremothers” and a commitment to be the next generation of women making a difference for the women and girls to follow.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that March is “Women’s History Month” and you are here because of the actions, ideas and bravery of the women who came before you including our foremothers who spoke at the 1848 Woman’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, our mothers and grandmothers, our female teachers and women community leaders. We stand on their shoulders today because of “her-story.” What will you do today to ensure you are maintaining the same standard to help the generation of women and girls to follow us?

failureisimposibleWe all have big shoes to follow. I know for sure after yesterday’s special business luncheon at least 90 women in that room were inspired to carry on. Will you do your part and join us? Remember, “Failure is impossible.”

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