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Create Your Own News

February 25, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


You find news in black and white print, colored electronic visuals, and media voices. You hear it at the break of dawn over a cup of coffee, during your business day and as you watch the evening news. You might also find it in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep as you view your smart phone. News is everywhere all the time whether it’s snowing outside or during a humid 90 degree day. When you stop to think how much information has to be shared everyday it is startling.

This business week started off with a publicity bang when my company was featured in a large article in called “Sunday Conversations” and our Women’s Athletic Network division featured Monday in a Central New York Business Journal article. Our blog increased its followers by 100 because we published a post about Patricia Arquette’s call for equal pay at the Oscars. The media did not come looking for these stories; we pushed out information which created them.

If you are a typical woman entrepreneur, you have a long task list in front of you this morning. Although you have industry related and client focused duties, do you have publicity tasks as one of them? If not, why not? Are other tasks more important or haven’t you made them a priority? Because of the incredible publicity we received this week, I must challenge you to add “conduct some publicity tasks” on your to-do-list today.

If you feel you simply don’t have time, I ask you to think about the monetary value of publicity of two articles that are seen in print, shared through social media and used to brand your name. It is more valuable than you can imagine. Publicity isn’t a onetime opportunity, it lives online forever. Sharing your news in press releases, contacting media and pushing out relevant stories, present the media with words, sound and images it must share every minute of the day.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that if you want to be recognized in print, on electronic media, through social media or even for awards, you must make publicity a priority on your task list. Start every day off by creating one opportunity to promote your business, services, products or even yourself through the social and traditional means that are available. If you need help writing, promoting or contacting media, ask for help or hire a firm. We have many in our directory.

Publicity begets publicity. The more you are featured, the more often you will be remembered to be featured again. Remember you have something to share with readers, listeners and viewers, just like the people you see in the media already. You are as news worthy as they are. Create your own news.

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