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Super Bowl XLIX Lessons to Inspire Women Entrepreneurs

February 2, 2015

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs


Inspiration in business can always be found someplace. You don’t have to be at an educational institution, industry tradeshow or listening to a icon in your field to be inspired. Many times insight comes from everyday life.

Waking up this morning, after watching the greatest football match-up and spectacular half-time production, has me fired up for a successful business week. I hope some of the enthusiasm I gleaned from Superbowl XLIX motivates you in business too. Here are the lessons I gleaned from the annual event:

* New England Patriot’s Malcolm Butler’s unbelievable interception at the Seattle Seahawks goal line is proof that pure determination and focus can take you to great heights. When Butler wasn’t able to stop Seahawk’s Jermaine Kearse’s bobbling catch moments earlier, he got up re-set his mind and made the biggest play of his life. How many times does an entrepreneur face hardship? Isn’t it true that re-setting our mindsets, re-focusing and trying again brings us magnificent achievement? The quote “Keep on, keeping on” is something we must enforce in our minds.

* Seattle Seahawk Coach Pete Carroll’s decision to not run the football on the 1 yard line led to the Butler interception and failed Super Bowl attempt. How many times do poor decisions we make with the best of intentions in mind end up failing? If you are a small business owner, you know it happens often. What we must do is acknowledge and admit the error, not only to ourselves but others who deserve an explanation, and then move on. Sometimes we are our own biggest critics on small decisions we make; maybe we need to save the criticism for big errors instead.

* Katy Perry not only roared her way through the half time show, she absolutely rocked it with perfection, class and style. As a 30 year event manager, I can only imagine the vision, planning and implementation it takes to pull off such a “super” event. Women entrepreneurs should visualize Perry floating through the air at the end of the show high above her perfected dream and remember any of our own dreams are possible. We too can roar and soar higher than we imagine if we believe in ourselves and pursue it with diligence.

I wish all my readers have one amazing, super week full of determination, free of criticism and high on soaring dreams.

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  1. February 2, 2015 5:30 pm

    You are so right about the need to re-focus and move on! Not everything we try will work, and we shouldn’t expect it to.


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