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The Benefits of a Collaborative Spirit in Business and Sports

January 30, 2015

Business Inspiration and Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


As I sat in the stands of the Syracuse Dome last February watching the Syracuse Women’s Basketball team play in an exciting game in which they rallied back to win after being down in the first half, I felt really positive because a new collaborative media partnership and business decision had put me in the seats.

Besides sitting in the Dome with other women entrepreneurs who joined me, we were seated next to a junior varsity girl’s basketball team from Dolgeville, New York who traveled in snowy conditions to be inspired by the college team. One of the player’s mothers is a member of my company. After the game, two female coaches from the Syracuse Basketball team answered questions from the young team. It was one of those entrepreneurial moments that will stay in my mind for a long time.

The evening would not have happened if someone from Syracuse University sports did not reach out to seek my support in bringing more female spectators to the game. The event also would not have occurred if I was not willing to accept their offer to support them. A quote on my desk this morning says it well, “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.” My question for you today is, “Are you open to new collaborative relationships and are you looking for them?”

Every organization has something they can give and something they can receive to propel themselves forward. Small businesses must tally up their strengths whether it’s their marketing outreach, position in the marketplace, or leverage to move customers. At the same time they must be honest about where they could use support such as advertising in a different market, bigger or different economic connections to launch a new program, or staffing support. Only by analyzing what we have and what we need as business owners are we prepared to seek out other partners.

Collaboration begins with realizing what we have and what we need and then accepting or placing invitations to other entities that can benefit both parties. No one in business can do it alone. Entrepreneurs underestimate the power of establishing positive, new business relationships. I hope you start making some new relationships so you arrive at the end of the year cheering on your new collaborative partners.

SUWomenBasketballGamewithOttoIf you would like to join us for the 2015 Women TIES Professional Women’s Networking Night at the Carrier Dome & Syracuse University Women’s Basketball Game to meet us, network with other professional women and to cheer on the Syracuse University Women’s Basketball team vs. North Carolina, click our website link for details and reservations… Let’s give the SU women basketball players some support too! Go Orange women! Go women!!

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