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Focusing on Your Entrepreneurial Flipagram Images

January 7, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


With the 10th Anniversary of my company Women TIES approaching on March 3rd, I have envisioned the women who have had my back for ten years; those in the very beginning, those next to me during the entire 10 year journey, and the ones still by my side today. I see their faces vibrantly, remember their advice ringing in my ears and feel their presence in my heart. Loyalty in my mind is one of the biggest gifts anyone can give to another, especially in business, when there are enough troubles to face.

Sure we can’t live without our family or close personal friends as support, but for businesswomen we can’t live without our strongest female business companions, especially those dedicated 100% to our success. Just like Instagram’s new Flipagram can quickly display best photographic moments of the past year, our own brain and heart can easily do the same when times call for a re-evaluation of where we are and who our loyal customers and trusted sister entrepreneurs are. We only need to pause for a moment to see their faces, hear their words and see their touch indelibly imprinted on our soul.

Advisory Board PhotoIn a world of ever changing priorities, revenue goals, and an extra listing on one’s resume, it is essential to witness the crowd still standing with you when everything else changes. Just like we have loyal comrades, we must remain devoted to those who have helped us significantly during our entrepreneurial travels. There is no other way to conduct good business.

Today’s blog post is meant for you to close your eyes for 5 minutes and envision your own Flipagram of customers, vendors, and other women entrepreneurs who have given you what you’ve needed the most – whether it was advice, education, leads or inspiration the past 5 years. Who deserves your gratitude and loyalty? Who do you equally need to provide loyalty to? I suggest you don’t start this new business year without knowing that answer and living in the truth of the answer.

I know on March 3rd in I will extend the most heartfelt gratitude to the female leaders, long lasting members, advisers, sponsors and sister entrepreneurs who have impacted my 10 year business journey. Nothing big is worth celebrating unless you have those you respect next to you to recognize and thank.

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