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Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs: Core Business Principles for the New Year

December 31, 2014

As I watched the Today Show recap the moments of 2014, one commentator said when it was over, “I can’t believe how much has happened in one year.” When you watch glimpses of horrific, beautiful, sad, and exciting images from a full year you understand life is ever-changing. The most important message is to remember no matter what has happened in our personal or business lives in the past year, we are alive and well.

Being a woman entrepreneur means the images of 2014 includes personal highlights and corporate successes; as well as unexpected challenges. The faces in my “highlight reel” are of all the female speakers who have inspired the 1,200 women entrepreneurs who came to 30 events Women TIES produced this year. The highlights include both new and established women business owners who trust in our membership offerings and events and live our mission of buying from the women we promote year round.

On my desk is a quote that came from the most significant lesson of the year for me that was inspired at a four day event management contract in October. The quote says, “Don’t forget your roots.” It reminds me as I approach the 20th year as a woman entrepreneur that at my core I am an excellent event manager and promoter dedicated to improving the lives of every woman entrepreneur who crosses my path.

Today’s post is meant for you to take a few minutes to answer these questions: What are the core principles you live and work by? Truthfully why do you run your business? What have been the most significant business moments in 2014? What one lesson did you learn this year that must propel you in 2015?

As it is, and has always been for me, I love inspiring and educating women entrepreneurs in the hopes my actions, events and messages enable them to be more financially successful. It is the core of who I have been for 20 years and will continue to be. I wish you the most bright and beautiful new business year. May you shine and glow like you never have before.

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