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Lessons From Today’s ESPN Desk From the Perspective of A Woman

September 8, 2014

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


Periodically I take a “lunch break” from my entrepreneurial duties and turn on ESPN to change my business mind to something else for a few minutes. I happened to turn on ESPN today just as they were announcing the Baltimore Ravens Football Team released Ray Rice from their team and the NFL banned Rice for a year. I wasn’t mesmerized by the headline as much as I was by the commentators – all men – supporting the decision based on the cruelty of domestic violence.

I am personally surrounded by men – a husband and two sons – who wonder periodically why I am so adamant about standing up for women in business and women’s rights in general. I don’t expect men to feel the exact same women feel about certain issues but I have always tried to give a female’s perspective on world issues around my table, in the living room and when I’m playing sports with my sons. They need to hear my voice – a female’s voice.

After watching the ESPN news, I received a phone call from one of my members and we had a conversation about women in politics. We discussed the fact more women’s voices need to be heard from around more than our own tables and in our own living rooms, but in the media, politics and business. If I learned one thing today from these two occurrences, it’s that the world is changing – everyone’s perspective is changing. It’s becoming more pink and not so much blue. Living in a world of purple where everything is equally female and male should be the goal. Ironically purple is the color of the Baltimore Raven’s team colors.

I’m proud of my 20 year commitment to help women entrepreneurs earn more money and to give them the opportunity to even the financial playing field for themselves. I’m proud of the women in my organization who support their sister entrepreneurs across New York State. I am also proud of the men in traditional settings like around the ESPN news table who declare their support in ending domestic violence. The world it is a changing….and it’s for the good of its entire people. The horizon might just have another hue – purple.

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