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Communication Power

August 28, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Sometimes it is difficult to be extremely honest when handling a thorny situation as a woman. Most women like to smooth out rough patches in relationships and compromise to keep communications flowing. But sometimes unprofessional behaviors or unfair situations challenge women to communicate assertively to get their point across.

I discovered this a couple times this week in two circumstances that took me off guard. Being known as someone who gets along well with a majority of people, I was surprised at my reaction by two tough situations that prompted me to use powerful words to convey my honest sentiments. It’s much easier to say nothing, than to say something sometimes.

What I know is if we fail to speak our minds, we lose the power of our voice. There is nothing more powerful than owning your beliefs and letting others know where you stand, especially if you disagree with a circumstance, opinion or action.

We all wish we were perfect communicators getting our points across or opinions understood for the sake of business success. As our September Retreat keynote speaker Lisa Giruzzi, President of Transformational Conversations, states “Speaking powerfully in every business situation is essential for success especially in today’s world where women still feel like they are not being heard. Your power is seen and felt dramatically in the way you communicate.”

Today’s post is meant to have you ask yourself, Am I powerful communicator? Do people I love understand and respect what I say? Do my customers comprehend my mission? As the leader of my company, do I communicate brilliantly all the time or do my skills need improvement? Have I paid attention to my communication style lately and whether it is hindering or helping my business?

A majority of women entrepreneurs were not communication majors and yet conversing with everyone who comes in contact with our business is essential for our public relations health. If it’s been awhile since you fine-tuned your communication skills to be a more effective entrepreneur, why not come hear Lisa’s expert advice and walk away with the secrets to speaking powerfully and getting better results.

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  1. August 28, 2014 10:07 am

    It is so important that we clearly communicate when we feel strongly about something. The key, at least for me, is to remain calm and not to let emotions run away with me. I find that when I simply make it known that a situation is unacceptable or that I expect better, it will happen. Holding it in serves no purpose.


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