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Trust in Transformation

May 22, 2014


Today’s post is a throwback from May 2011 since social media marketing has encouraged fans to show throwback photos on Thursdays. I thought this inspirational throwback post was worth reposting. I hope it inspires someone today.

I was sitting outside finally enjoying the warm spring air when hundreds of maple tree whirlybirds started falling from the sky. The last couple times I sat outside it was either white snow or grey raindrops falling. Today it was bright green maple seeds. As I took in the beauty I was thrilled with the transformation of winter’s brown and grey hues to the brilliant shades of greens and yellows surrounding me.

I speak to a lot of women going through transformations with their businesses. Some seek advice on surviving bleak economic periods. Others call with celebratory news. Periodically it is women asking advice on how to run their businesses while coping with personal difficulties. We all want a say in transforming our lives, our businesses, our direction; but many times our lives, businesses and direction are transformed for us without our approval.

TracyAwardShotAs you look at my new photo or see me at a future event, you’ll notice a change in my appearance. Short curly hair has taken over long hair after a year and a half of dealing with a persistent auto immune disease called Alopecia. But two weeks ago, I felt confident enough to walk away from the wig I have been wearing for nine months and embrace the transformation publically as I accepted the 2011 SBA Women in Business Champion Award.

I decided to write about this today because I have a public persona and I look different; and I wanted to inspire women to embrace transformation in their lives no matter what it is. In the depths of transformation there are lessons – really good lessons. My lesson came February 2010 when my specialist told me I would probably be bald for the rest of my life. As a woman and as a leader of a company that requires a lot of public speaking, I couldn’t imagine it. But in depths of that bad news, I realized I could lose my hair but never lose my heart for helping women entrepreneurs. All I could do was embrace the transformation and trust in the outcome.

Today’s blog post is to remind you that no matter what you are going through – personally or professionally – trust in tomorrow. Trust in transformation whatever that means. I am confident you’ll find it holds valuable lessons and new strength to inspire you forward.

If you doubt it, sit outside today and take in the sights of this beautiful time of year. Don’t worry about your troubles instead trust in your future. I promise it will happen just like winter changes to spring.

For more information on Alopecia visit the Alopecia Foundation If you are a woman suffering with alopecia, feel free to contact me personally at 315-708-4288. I would be happy to speak with you.

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