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The Pursuit of Excellence in Business

May 21, 2014

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


As the bald eagle flew majestically over the stadium crowd of 20,000 people to the beautiful sounds of the national anthem sung by a choir of angelic voices, the beauty of the moment symbolized the excellence of our four year experience at our son’s college. Perfectly timed, this awestruck moment captured every experience we had from our first visit to our last moment. Perfection and excellence are the best words to express what we experienced at every event and in every communication at Boston College.

As my family joked that I would miss this special institution more than my son, I explained why. Never in my life have I seen or experienced a business or organization that impressed me from the first moment I landed on their grounds to the last time I left it. As an experienced entrepreneur and woman, I’ve been in contact with hundreds of companies, institutions and associations but none who exemplified excellence in every experience. Besides its mission to have its graduates leave the school to “set the world on fire with their dedication to helping others,” it was the way they communicated and treated their constituents and delivered their mission.

In 1986 when I graduated from college, I purchased a number of business books including “In Search of Excellence,” by Tom Peters and Bob Waterman to inspire me as I started my first professional job in the financial industry in Philadelphia. I wanted to be the best young leader I could be to advance my career quickly. By being excellent in my thoughts and actions I could set myself apart from others. It worked and I had many opportunities given to me. I have tried to deliver excellence in my career ever since and especially in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Excellence is fineness, brilliance, quality in action. People understand and appreciate excellence in music, art, and work. As women entrepreneurs we must try to instill excellence in all we do so our customers, the marketplace and the world are touched by our merit and distinction. To demonstrate and communicate excellence in business, we will rise to the top and our companies will be remembered.

BostonCollegeGraduationToday’s post is to inspire you to be excellent in all you do through written word, with your business policies, with your community participation, and in the services and products you create and deliver. Make sure you excel in communicating with the public igniting their spirit with your passion and mission. Spark conversation. Instill belief. Create followers. Make a lasting impression. Change the marketplace because of your level of perfection in business.

To soar like the eagle above a captivated crowd, we must as business owners strive for excellence in all we do. We must also “set the world a fire” by our passion in our corporate mission and purpose in life by our dedication to helping others. If we do, we will be remembered and we will excel.

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