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Business Strong Today Women Entrepreneurs

April 21, 2014

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


Boston Strong is everywhere in the news today as the 118th running of the Boston Marathon kicks-off. Not every woman entrepreneur is a runner or knows someone connected to Boston but we understand the meaning of human triumph, formidable spirit and incredible belief in one’s ability since we must have these same characteristics to survive in business.

Being with other people inspires us whether it’s in business, sports or special occasions. I know this because I’ve witnessed it at events where I gather women entrepreneurs together to market, sell, promote, connect and converse the past 19 years. We are people meant to be with others. We strive and survive because of our sisters and brothers.

I hope today – on this inspirational running day when our country’s eyes are on Boston – that you have an inspirational work day and extremely successful week ahead. We can, and should be inspired, by the spirit of so many people to run again, to stand on the sidelines and cheer on runners like my son will do from beautiful Boston College today, to raise money for charities and to live the American dream of not being afraid of what others may do to us. We live in an amazing country. We are blessed.

I hope all women entrepreneurs work strong today, to embrace life and to cheer on others when ever we can. I know I will as I run as a member of the Women’s Athletic Network in the Syracuse Fleet Feet 5K Boston Strong Run tonight. Be Strong. Be Boston Strong. Be Business Strong.

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