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Productivity Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

April 17, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs


With Spring Break starting this week in so many school districts, many women entrepreneurs are juggling business demands with their sons or daughters off of school, employees on vacation, and the business community on a bit of a hiatus. Getting use to fluctuating business energies starts now in Central New York especially with a hard winter over and our beautiful summer season set to arrive.

Staying productive when everyone else isn’t and the marketplace is slow can be difficult. Today’s post is meant to inspiration you by providing success strategies and insight to help you be more productive in your business no matter what everyone around you is doing and when the weather is calling you to finally go outside and enjoy it.

Evalutate Your Business and Personal Activities

All of us are busy and we rarely take time to evaluate and reflect on our personal and business lives. Periodically we should be analyzing what activites are energy builders, what great decisions are taking us in the right direction, what activites drain our energy, and what achievements are moving us in the wrong direction. By taking a few minutes to write down answers to these four questions, we will realize that 80 percent of our enjoyment in life and business comes from 20 percent of our activities and achievements.

Adjusting Your Attitude

How does your current attitude help you attain your highest and smallest goals? By embracing a feeling of natural productivity, optimism and a commitment to certain responsibilities, we can be more effective at our workplace. Every woman entrepreneur struggles from time to time with productivity and when we do, we must realize it and then seek guidance from a close friend or advisor who can keep us on the right track. We might also need to stop and realize we are unfocused and to regain control. Also remember to spend 20 percent of your day being positive and it will most likely impact the other 80 percent of your work and life.

Setting Time Goals

When productivity is at a low, stop and take time to list your most important goals. Block off time each day to attend to activities that move you closer to those important goals. You do not have to achieve an entire goal on one day but by simply acting on plans to move closer to the goal, you eventually will achieve it. Goal setting can produce amazing results so set some goals today when the business community around you seems silent.

I hope the upcoming week allows you an opportunity to enjoy time off with your family while balancing your business duties. Find the best times to be productive and relish in those moments.

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