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Being Strong – Boston Strong – In Business and in Life

April 15, 2014

running in morning

There were 90 people standing near a gazebo listening to our Fleet Feet 5K Training Leader instruct us what to do if thunder started during our run. The air was dense with warm spring air and it felt good running for the first time in four weeks in comfortable weather.

Fifteen minutes into the training run the sky opened up with a deluge of heavy rain just as 50% of the group was running up and down steep hills. Needing to tag our partner at the end of the hill made no one slow down even if the hills were getting slick and muddy. Teamwork inspired us to keep running.

As we finished all the running stations soaked to the core, there were high-fives, smiles, and pride in the air. It triumphed over the rain, mud puddles and slippery slopes. As I walked away from the training with sneakers squishing out water, I realized the value of having teammates in running and in business. We need people who are going through the same trials, tribulations and successes to keep us pressing on.

Here’s insight from last night’s run that relates to entrepreneurial life as well:

* It is not possible to succeed in anything without hard work and perseverance. The entrepreneurial road to achievement must be filled with hills, rain and hard work to reap business rewards. There is no other way to taste triumph.

* Working alongside others towards a unique goal, business proposal or challenging time is uplifting. Entrepreneurs might not high-five each other as much as runners in a training program, but we do silently. We understand someone else’s struggles are similar to ours and their success is our success.

* We shouldn’t be content with the status quo in life or in business when we have the energy, health, mental ability and fortitude to try something new to open our horizons. We might fall down a few times along the way but in the end we win by tackling something new.

As I launch my company Women TIES adds a new Athletic Division for Women, a four month journey on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, I cross the finish line today knowing no one or nothing can stop the drive to run, compete or run a business. Humans have tenacious spirits ready to face any challenge and so do women entrepreneurs who own businesses.

I hope any woman entrepreneur or businesswoman who loves athletics will join me in staying happy, healthy and challenged. Take a look at my company’s new division – “The Women’s Athletic Network” and be inspired to join us and to stay strong – especially Boston Strong today.

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  1. April 15, 2014 4:09 pm

    I personally believe that a lot of what I use in my business I learned from sports. There is a definite understanding of team, practice, hard work, and the enjoyment of success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this too!


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